Sunday, August 31, 2008

Joshua tree

Named by Mormon pioneers, it is a symbol of the Mojave desert; also a small California town which serves as the gateway for a national park of the same name, and the title of an immensely popular album - the 5th studio album by U2 released in 1987 - inspired by the open spaces of the western United States; Yucca brevifolia is only pollinated by a specific species of yucca moth. It is not found in the Sonoran desert, but can be seen occasionally in a random neighborhood in Tempe, like this one near College Avenue and Southern.

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JM said...

I've never seen any Joshua tree in my life but i allways have been fascinated by those yuccas; here we have lots of other species (non-native), but they are quite different...
And yes, I remember U2 song! :-)