Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eisendrath Center for Water Conservation

Local architect Robert Evans designed and constructed this Pueblo Revival - style adobe and wood structure in 1929. It was purchased by Rose Eisendrath, a wealthy widow of a Chicago glove manufacturer, after she was refused accommodation at Valley resorts because she was Jewish. The property is on Tempe's registry of historic properties and is being restored by the city for use as a water conservation center. 


Sharon said...

I've never seen the building. Where is it located?

JM said...

I love the architecture and the cacti are 'the cherry on top of the cake'! :-) Beautiful!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the directions to eisendrath house. I'm going to look it up the next time I'm in Tempe. It's funny you should mention the light rail. I'm going to post something on it next week. I can't wait either! I can make an easy run to downtown Tempe anytime I want.