Saturday, November 1, 2008

my favorite thing

oh how i love books!
if i have any money left over, i buy food and clothes
here's my travel section
i'm reading "the story of edgar sawtelle"
what are you reading?

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Kate said...

Now, this is my kind of book, but, my dear, you need one on Mazatlán! Or you can go to my Mazatlán blog so you can see what the city is like from what I've posted the last few years (winters). Love your choices for today's theme.

What am I reading? Lots of books at the same time...a nasty habit: Paris by Julian Green, Socrates Cafe by Christopher Phillips, Salt by Mark Kurlansky, and Concise Guide to Opera (reference only) by Amanda Holden

Pat said...

History, bio's and books about running. That's what I like to read.

I, also, like to hang out in Changing Hands. I'm glad it's closer to Chandler now.

Chris said...

I agree with Kate! These are my kind of books. . . .I'm working on an MFA in literary nonfiction, and my "bent" is travel writing. ;-)

Hope all is well in Tempe. . .I love that city!

JM said...

This is so cool! That's exactly what I would have done with all my Rough Guide and Lonely Planet guides if I had registered for today theme! :-)

lv2scpbk said...

I'm reading "Vanishing Act" by Jodi Picoult. I tried to get into Edgar book and just didn't seem to like it. I rarely like Oprah picks. Guess we have different tastes.

Tash said...

looks like you like to travel far & wide too - like me, & a lot of it is via travel books.
(Did you ever read Malaria Dreams & Night Train to Turkistan by Stuart Stevens - they are funny & interesting).
I'm reading Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali for one book club (unexpectedly excellent), listening to Dracula (very well written with predictable plot from all the movies) & God & Mr. Gomez by Jack Smith (LA Times columnist) about building a house in Baja. (I also have a couple of chick-lit books lined up - love those too.)