Sunday, March 15, 2009

Arizona Theme Day: Old Arizona

the theme is "old Arizona" for this month's Arizona cities group 
posting. pictured here is the iconic Snow Cap Drive-In, located 
along Route 66, in Seligman, Arizona. the Snow Cap was 
built in 1953 by Juan Delgadillo, who was famous for his 
antics with unsuspecting tourists.  I worked in Seligman
 for 5 years and can attest that Juan loved to squirt fake 
ketchup at his guests, among other things. Juan died in 
2004, but the tradition of fun continues as Juan's sons
continue to serve up burgers, shakes and good humor.

Check out the other photos of Old Arizona here:


Sharon said...

That looks like a cute place. It brings back memories of when I was a kid and the local ice cream place my parents used to frequent with us kids.

Julie said...

great choice for theme day and very good story about Juan.

Jarart said...

This is a great place for photographers. It's so colorful and odd looking and then there's the old vehicles around there and the Road Kill Cafe down the road. Fun choice!

Pat said...

Now that's a place to have lunch.

Chandlermom said...

what was the fake ketchup made of? I love the pic, great choice for theme day -