Monday, June 15, 2009

Hidden Treasures

I love that Arizona is a place where desert tortoises
thrive. Rarely seen, I chose my own backyard tortoise 
for this month's theme, hidden treasures. check out
a sampling of AZ's treasures by visiting the other 
Arizona blogs:

4 comments: said...

I love desert tortoises. My kids, when growing up in Phoenix, had a backyard desert tortoise who we found on our front door step one day. THey boys named him "Crunch" after the way he devoured the grass and leaves that he ate.

We introduced him to the desert tortoise of the people who lived across the street (fortunately, we did this shortly before the other tortoise made the fatal decision to take a swim in our neighbor's back yard pool.) We soon thereafter had two more desert tortoises, which my young boys named "Rocky" and "Rambo,"

Our Yellow Labrador enjoyed the company of all three. They are very low maintenance pets. THey have much better access to vegetation in the back yard than they do in the desert.

Julie said...

what a great choice for theme day! And, tortoises are so spcial.

Pat said...

We used to have one that looked just like him. Let me know if you want some pellet tortoise food. You can have our remainder for free.

Jarart said...

I love this photo!! A real treasure for sure.