Friday, July 23, 2010

tuesday on a friday

earlier this week, on tuesday night just before 10, one
of the rubber bladders of tempe's town lake dam
broke; as quickly as a billion gallons of water could flow
through the gap - surprising not long at all - the lake
drained leaving a strange sight that tempe-ans have
not seen in the 10 years since the lake was created and filled.
luckily, no one was boating or recreating at that hour and
there were no injuries.
lots of attention is centered on the future at the lake and
the current situation - smell (which I didn't find to be that bad);
the potential for mosquitoes to breed in the abundant
puddles and pools of standing water; and quite a lot
of dead fish; this morning, tuesday the alligator was
a star attraction, having been brought in to eat of few of
the dead fish, and she seemed happy to oblige.

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