Saturday, July 19, 2008


The Lattie F. Coor Hall, named after ASU's fifteenth president - presiding when I graduated in 1996. Several departments are housed in this building, including Political Science, Philosophy, History, Sociology, Chicana/Chicano Studies, and Speech and Hearing Science. It is also home to the Centers for Latin American Studies, Russian and East European Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Asian Studies.

From a different angle, you can see text fragments and letterforms, etched on the glass fa├žade. These are part of the latest, and largest, work of public art on campus. Chicago artist BJ Krivanek, commissioned by project architects Gensler and Jones Studio, selected letters from several Latin-based, Native American and Asian languages, as well as numbers and punctuation marks, to represent the universal potential of language. He designed the building so the text fragments are cast on an inner, opaque wall.

I like the giant "EXPLORE" reflection. I love to explore!

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Hilda said...

Cool! I like it too! So would my dad, if he were still alive—he was a chemistry professor. :)