Friday, July 18, 2008

the Library

For me, browsing through a library or a bookstore is always the same - exciting and full of possibility. I have always loved books, literacy, words; I have always wanted to know about everything. Apparently, I'm not alone. Collecting written knowledge and keeping it in a repository is as old as civilization itself. The ancient Greeks were especially interested in literacy and intellectual life. The biggest movement to finance libraries in the U.S. was by Scottish-American philanthropist and businessman, Andrew Carnegie. From 1900 to 1917, his foundation constructed nearly 1,700 public libraries. I can't imagine growing up without a library, the crinkle of a mylar book jacket just opened to reveal something colorful, something ordinary, something extraordinary. Even today, hearing that sound gives me that familiar feeling of anticipation.

Tempe's public library is located on the southwest corner of Rural and Southern. The Connections cafe inside the library was my telecommute choice today: tables, free wifi, coffee, sandwiches, and thousands of books. That's a great atmosphere.

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Anonymous said...

Your library photo is nice and shows a clean library ready for some readers to show up.

Abraham Lincoln
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