Saturday, July 5, 2008

Live Entertainment

Tempe Marketplace is a new "destination" in an area that was formerly a huge landfill - gigantic pits from sand and gravel operations had created large craters that were filled with car parts, construction debris, and toxic materials - 1.3 million square feet of federal Superfund site, an eyesore. The sort that usually remains untackled because of the enormity of the task and the cost. Tempe incorporated the area and cleaned it up at a cost of about $40 million dollars, turning it into an outdoor mall that opened in September 2007 with 120 retail stores and restaurants, live music, movie theater - a fun place to go. I was a skeptic of how it would feel to walk around outdoors in the 110 degree heat, but was surprised to find that the misting system works wonders.

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