Saturday, January 24, 2009

along the apache trail

Apache Boulevard, also known as Apache Trail, was a 
former highway connecting Phoenix with Globe and 
Superior to the east. All along Apache Boulevard are
the sort of businesses - service stations, restaurants, and
motels like this pastel pink one - that one would expect 
would spring up along a busy highway. Then in the 
60's and 70's, new highways were built, and Apache became
 just another street with an eclectic mix of roadside businesses. 
Now that Apache hosts several miles of the light rail, it will be
 interesting to watch how the revitalization of the street 
as it becomes an important travel corridor once again.


Hilda said...

That's a pretty motel, and it looks like it didn't suffer much because of the new highways. Hope things turn out better for all the businesses there.
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Pat said...

I love the old buildings along Apache/Main all the way out to AJ.

Babooshka said...

Just love the salmon pink of the building. That would look so out of place here.