Tuesday, January 20, 2009

commander in chief

i first featured this photo last november 10, but
wanting to feature Barack Obama today, and being a bit 
short on photos, i'm featuring it again. today our new 
president was inaugurated. it was a day when millions were
present in washington d.c., and millions upon millions 
more were glued to their televisions and internet feeds.
my favorite part was seeing barack and michelle 
walk down pennsylvania avenue. and the 
happiness and optimism that was prevalent today was 
a pretty good part too. sorry for the several day absence;
after a bit of a break i'm back. 


Sharon said...

Glad you published this again. Today was so great. I really enjoyed watching all the coverate.

Sally said...

A huge day.....we watched much of it on TV here in Sydney, but not the actual inauguration - it was on at 3:30am! One Sydney-sider celebrates Barack Obama’s inauguration by tinkling the ivories

Babooshka said...

A timely post. In Europe we are just as euphoric,