Saturday, February 14, 2009

it's a wrap

the NBA All Star games are in Phoenix this weekend. 
at least a couple of our light rail trains are wrapped in 
advertising, an exception that was made to a previous 
decision that the train would not take on these sort 
of promotions and advertising. it doesn't bother me, I'd
rather see a few ads on one or two trains than pay more
to ride as is also being proposed. At any rate, this marks
the half way point for the professional basketball 
season. I am a huge basketball fan, but with all the 
turmoil surrounding our Phoenix Suns team, I'm just
not that into it right now. Not long ago, our team was 
a cohesive, incredibly fun to watch team that many other
teams attempted to emulate. Several upper management knee
 jerk reactions and decisions later, the team is unrecognizable 
and talking about trading one of the best players for 
a bunch of nothing, essentially throwing in the towel. 
I'm as disappointed as the rest of the fans, and our 
GM, Steve Kerr has proven he had no business 
getting his feet wet with an elite team. In their 
peak a couple years back, the Suns were the best show
on sneakers; unfortunately now it looks like those
days are a wrap. 

1 comment:

Pat said...

"those days are a wrap." truer words couldn't be said.

How come Amare's head is missing in that wrap? Was it traded already?