Thursday, February 12, 2009

not for picking

Arizona is a great place to grow citrus, 
our hot summers and cool winters produce
a fuller flavor fruit than those produced
in consistently warm or mild climates.
in fact, our oranges can be so 
sweet, some folks have to go to lengths 
like these to keep people from
taking their pick. 


Sharon said...

Your photo made me smile because I know exactly where you took it. I took the very same photo while visiting the Willo Home tour. That was another of the many events I attended this last weekend. I'll post pictures from that event after the 15th. What a weekend!

Pat said...

that's funny

Kim said...

Cool find! Street tree raiders should come to Seattle. I'm always shocked at the waste of great fruit from home owners not bothering to harvest any of their abundance.
Seattle Daily Photo