Tuesday, February 10, 2009


when borders bookstore opened on mill 
avenue back in 2001, there was a fair amount of grumbling
 that it wasn't the right fit for the eclectic downtown area. 
it was too corporate, as were several of the other big name stores 
that opened around that time - the gap, bath and body works,
abercrombie & fitch. the corporatization of mill experiment
hasn't worked - none of these stores have survived the 
economic slump. left behind are empty stores and big 
signs. at first glance this looks like one more 
indication that things are going south, but a closer look 
reveals an opportunity: to fill the empty stores on mill
with the same eclectic mix of stores that made mill such 
an interesting destination, rather than an aspiring mall. 


Pat said...

too bad for downtown that Changing Hands Bookstore is now is south Tempe. But, I like it better there. It's closer to my home.

Randy said...

I remember when Changing Hands was on Mill. Then they left and Mill was taken over by these stores. Funny that they didn't survive.