Monday, June 30, 2008

Next to Wildflower

After breakfast at the Wildflower, I always have to spend an hour or so book browsing at Changing Hands. Changing Hands is a wonderful book shop, one I have shopped at for years - probably 20. Their previous location on Mill Avenue downtown was a great place with 3 floors crammed full of old and new reads. They've been in their current location for as long as a lot of their customers remember.

Besides offering the best in new and used titles, my favorite bookstore has created an entire community around authors, booksellers, and readers that truly feeds the souls of those of us who care about good writing and good reading. Besides the many cozy nooks for getting to know a book before you buy it, Changing Hands offers book groups, writer’s workshops, and readings from authors both local and national. I've met Tibetan buddhist, Robert Thurman, as well as the talented writer and writing instruction guru, Natalie Goldberg, here.


Ming the Merciless said...

I think Robert Thurman is the father of actress Uma Thurman and a professor of Eastern Religion at Columbia University in NYC.

Randy said...

Thank you for posting this photo!