Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whole Foods - Baseline and Rural

One of my favorite places to food shop is Whole Foods Market. I've figured out a big part of the appeal is the aroma when I walk through the door. To the immediate left are fresh cut flowers, and straight ahead are fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts. A big bin of strawberries is the first thing I see. All this translates into bright, vivid color, and sweet, fresh aromas. Other stores, I walk in to stacks of top ramen, cases of gatorade, pyramids of cans and a stale, forgettable smell.

There's a cost. Whole Foods is expensive, more so than those stack and case fluorescent lit stores. So I shop at multiple stores, spending as little time as possible in the big unfriendly stores and savoring my time in the smaller markets like Whole Foods. Wouldn't it be something if the presentation, cleanliness and smell of all food stores were this satisfying?

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