Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yucca Tap Room - Mill and Southern

One of Tempe's famous dives, the Yucca Tap Room is a nondescript little bar in an old strip mall that features live music 7 nights a week. One of the best small venues in Tempe to see a live band has inexpensive beer, plenty of parking, and no pretense. In the mid '90s, The Refreshments used to play at the Yucca every Sunday night. It wasn't advertised and there was no cover - only those in the know actually knew. I knew some diehard Refreshment fans who let me in on the little secret and was lucky enough to see them play one Sunday. There's nothing like seeing a great band play in a little dive.


Chandlermom said...

You speak the truth! I love little dive bars, especially when there's good - or mediocre - music

Welcome to the daily photo - I'll have to try and stay out of Tempe when I do my Chandler postings - I have a tendency to just post from all over the state! Glad to see another poster from AZ

rodney said...
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