Saturday, December 27, 2008

big turnout

today was the official launch of light rail. judging by the
turnout at the 2 tempe stations 
i visited, our new transportation is going to be very 
popular. there were so many people waiting to board
i decided to wait until tomorrow or monday to take
my first ride. each train can hold 575 people and each 
train was completely full of riders all day. i'm 
not sure how many trains are in the fleet, but they come
by every 10 minutes (20 during off peak hours). it was
quite a festival-like feeling in downtown tempe where
music played and crowds of people walked down mill 
avenue and along the side streets. 


Pat said...

I hope it's a huge success. But, I'm afraid that the people this week aren't the same one's that will use it daily.

Nick Bastian said...

I am so glad I found your blog! As a Tempe resident, I think it is really cool! Nice job!
The light rail celebrations were a blast! I think people in Tempe will love it.
By the way, Metro has 50 light rail cars in the fleet.