Monday, December 22, 2008

countdown to light rail

in just 5 days light rail will begin to transport 
commuters from mesa through tempe to phoenix. as 
typically happens when a new change goes into effect, 
there are cynics and proponents. i am among the 
excited and am hopeful that the train will be so successful 
that north-south extensions will follow in the 
not-so-distant future. until then, i plan to ride from tempe
to downtown phoenix, try out new restaurants, 
go to the phoenix library, catch a suns game - all without 
a thought about where to park. and on the way, 
i'll read a book. 


Pat said...

I saw my first train on the street the other day. I'm excited about it too. Wish it would come down to Chandler fast.

Sharon said...

I'll we with you all the way!