Monday, December 1, 2008

will it go round in circles...

the chihuly exhibit at
the desert botanical garden
 provided an excellent opportunity
for December's circles and spheres theme: a rowboat
full of beautifully colored globes.


Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful and perfect. Good eye and great idea.
The Chihuly Glass School (Pilchuck) is just down the hill from me at the tree farm. MB

Gwyn said...

Angie, you are so blessed to be able to see one of his exhibits. I just keep telling myself some day, some day... until then I'll continue to watch his incredible documentaries. Thank you so much for sharing. You made my day.:)

Pat said...

great shot.

Ben said...

Belated greetings, from Nelson. Thanks for visit and comment!

It's a very nice colourful shot.