Tuesday, December 2, 2008

stately bird

arizona's state bird, the cactus wren, is one of my
favorites. they're bold and inquisitive and even 
though their song is not really musical, i love 
the familiar chugging sound, which was described
to me once as the sound of a car not starting:
krrr krrr krrr....krrr krrr krrr
hard to spell what i mean, but when you hear it, 
you'll know.

notable: cactus wrens never cock their tails 
like other wrens do and form permanent pair bonds 
(like many birds) - i wonder if that's a civil union, a
marriage, or if they just decide to stay together?

1 comment:

Frankie / Nick said...

An excellent capture of the wren, enjoy your varied and interesting submissions. Thank you for sharing.